In January 2020, Jakk Fynn released his debut EP. The insightful and thought-provoking project “Cancelled,” has allowed the transmasculine Latinx pop artist to share his personal journey, while also being committed to redefining masculinity. Going into the EP release, it was the poignant track “Fire” which immediately grabbed my attention. The electronic-pop track has a beguiling intensity. And, the music video’s, memorable imagery hit-home, hard. Opening up a discussion about authenticity, identity and acceptance. The power in Jakks courageous and emotional collection of songs prompts that we to examine our true selves and celebrate our individuality. “Heal” offers a moment of quieter reflection on the EP. It is the story of Jakk rebuilding himself as his own person after an emotionally stifling relationship came to an end.

Jakk says of “Heal:” “The more I tried to change myself to be who I thought my partner wanted, the more we both lost ourselves. Not being true to yourself in a relationship can feel like suffocation, like death. “Heal” is a chance to do just that—heal—by embracing the vulnerabilities that make me who I am.”

Under the direction of Tina Vaden & Maddy Talias, the track once again receives an evocatively leaning visual. The clip strikes out with a gripping, allure. The imagery of two passengers sitting in a car, while both still and silent as though processing and collecting their thoughts actually feels disquieting. Uneasy. Gut-wrenching. Foreboding. The footage doesn’t hold back, and neither do the intimate lyrics of the song. Acerbic, yet solemn words puncture the soft electronic grooves of “Heal” in much the same way a knife pierces the flesh of any soft fruit when just the right amount of pressure is applied. The upfront use of compositional imagery in this music video delivers a sense of confinement. Of being boxed-in. As the track, approaches it’s climatic ending, it makes our eyes search the remote and barren landscape for a glimmer of light. As if to illustrate a change in mood and mindset.

When we listen to “Heal” it appears to be whole and complete, but really it is a song of two halves, which details, vulnerability, a fragile state of mind and emotional recovery.

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