Q: Do I have a sneaky way of linking back with the exquisite, soul-stirring and powerful, SHAED track and music video for “Colorful” I recently shared on the blog? A: Yes, I do. Leading non-binary artist and actor Kat Cunning has hopped on a stunning new version of the track which is heading up The Colorful Campaign set up by SHAED. Raising funds and building awareness with the DC LGBTQ+ community all year long (find out more HERE). The harmonies between Chelsea and Kat on this new version of “Colorful” are particularly glorious. Their vocals really do complement one another in the most special of ways. I found the original edit beautifully powerful, this new update is even more affecting. The strength of power it has is incredible.

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While the new mix of “Colorful” was too good not to share. There is another reason why I am writing about Kat Cunning today. They have dropped a radiantly glowing music video in support of their authentically compelling track “Boys“. Released in celebration of Pride 2021. The entire cast and crew of the new music video identify as either transgender or non-binary.

“The video was extremely important for me to make to spell out the true focus of the song because of the lyric’s subtlety. I wanted to do my part to help represent the diversity and beauty of the transmasculine community that is so often erased, exploited or hardly peppered into the media. Representation matters, especially to young people. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it,” said Kat Cunning of the new music video.

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There is loveliness everywhere I look in this extremely endearing Tee Vaden directed music video. Beautiful smiling faces and everyone seemingly having the best fun together. If anything this footage is a good representation of what a chosen family and community are.

“We are queer 365 days of the year, and while we stan every inch of umbrella representation, this is a much-deserved moment just for the boys.” Kat states.

The track and video feel like an extremely timely celebration, creating a strong statement. The overwhelming sense felt is of joy and acceptance. Kat Cunning is a luminary in their field, that’s for sure.

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