Mia Martina 1

Mia Martina might have an international presence and might also be a sensation on YouTube yet the exuberant dance pop vixen has only just made impact with my inbox.

Over the past few weeks the exotic dance siren has released a new jaunty party pop number “La La….Danse” which is of some irrepressibly vivacious magnitude and see’s a pairing up in the girl power stakes with a guest appearance from Dev.

Although, on first impressions “La La…Danse” trips the light fantastic pleasantly as a latin peppy floor filler, the listener shouldn’t become too carried away with the initial sense of run of the mill but stylishly executed dance stomper presence, since when fly girl Dev injects her swagger into the mix she inevitably turns the pop proceedings on their head, facilitating a change up in structural balance and the overall sassy attitude of the track.

La La…Danse” skits from European flavour to Latino all within a few bars and back again, delivered with of whammy shot of cultural energy at its carnival firecracker quirky centre.

In the accompanying showreel, Mia turns out as a showgirl fragranced in joie de vivre for a night out in the club and behind the golden VIP curtain she finds Dev raising the bar of hot vocal change alongside some club entertaining pole dancers.