We’ve been championing sassy songstress Dev for many years, from the beginning when she was feeling so fly “Like a G6” with Far East Movement.

Just recently, Dev kicked off her sophomore album campaign by dropping taster tracks left, right and centre. “All I Wanna Do“, stood out to me because of the funky bassline and clever wordplay. It is the type of song that burrows itself into your head and, you’re not even aware that it has happened until a burst of spontaneity helps it to fall out of our mouths, by casually humming its grooving melody.

I wanted to make a point of returning to this track, as a way of reminding everyone Dev’s stellar album “I Only See You When I’m Dreamin“, has been released. My advice to everyone is, you must go check it out on Spotify, it is seriously HOT!

The first music video to drop in support of the album just so happens to be for “All I Wanna Do“. It’s date night, and Dev has only one thing on her mind. Yeah, that one thing (that I don’t have to spell out to you!) she straight up talks about in the lyrics of the song.

All I Wanna Do“, has flair. It has grooves. It has pop credibility and is pumping fresh.

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