It’s been a two year hiatus since the release of single “Bass Down Low” and debut album “The Night the Sun Came Up”, for The Far East MovementLike A G6” collaborator DEV.

Truth is shortly after the aforementioned releases the sassy former rapper embraced motherhood, but now DEV is returned with a new perspective and sound, which follows through on new and rather infectiously fresh EP “Bittersweet July”.

The five track EP is definitely matured in sound, however there still remains the plucky resonance of the pop momma that slayed us first time round with her sassy word play.

Bittersweet July’s” lead track falls to the rhythmically swaggering “Kids” produced by emerging Cisco kid, electronic, rap producer NanosauR and see’s DEV back hitting on the rap lines with a matured stroke of sensitivity and charismatically blinging hip-pop panache.

It’s a good outlook for DEV to be exploring actually, being that during her music-break the girl rap genre has spawned the likes of Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea dominance with their more overtly audacious brands outlooked of real urban, quick draw delivery and down with it wordplay, that is deemed hyped, hip and happening.

To have DEV back on the level and scaling the contemporary rap aesthetic in such a polished and chic presentation make her a sassy hot hip-pop momma in all senses of the expression, and of course DEV is still rocking with beauty and vibrant coloured hair flair!

Check out the complete “Bittersweet July” EP HERE