As if Dev didn’t surprise us already upon making a return to the music scene and coming on through with the plucky pop flavoured “Bittersweet July” EP, that she’s trippin back on the vibe and about to be bringing out to us “Bittersweet July Part II”!

Dev’s lost none of that edginess along the way has she! She’s all about keeping it neat, full of pep and moving forward into a newly evolved era of hip-pop styling.

The Night Is Young” is the first countdown track served on “Bittersweet July Part II” and which acts as an instantly available download when placing a pre-order.

Huzzah! On this new insight we get to hear Dev tapping back retro, befit of her old skool curated style of delivering rap lines. She’s killing it of course, as well as giving us a super double dope sprawling beat that infectiously leaps out with a sassy swagger of sultry sizzle behind it!