It has been over a year since the mysterious newcomer act She & the Bandit introduced themselves by way of a reimagining of the iconic Rockwell track “Somebody’s Watching Me.” It was a low-key kind of entrance yet, not without lacking strikingly bold impact and harbouring intrigue, lots of it. I had to keep my lips sealed with regards to whether this was the project of a solo artist or a band. The long-awaited follow-up release of “Heartless” and the artwork thereof, has the multi-faceted performer Ryan Adames cover blown.

I heeded my own, advice (of the time) to keep my eyes peeled on Instagram for sneaky She & the Bandit updates (being the only platform they use online.) Bam, would you believe the update I’d been craving for months on end, came like a bolt out of the blue. Just at the minute, I was cramming my final pair of shorts into my suitcase, packing up in readiness for my summer holiday. So while you may have thought I was sleeping on this smoking hot electro-pop track, was not the case at all.

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The last time I met She & the Bandit, there was a lot of talk about influence stemming from the 80s on the project. When listening to the long, intro section of the latest release (it’s spoken word narration, twangy guitar licks and the wild west, country-styled motifs.) I’ll admit to briefly wondering if we were getting a glimpse from beyond the fringe and had unmasked Orville Peck. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing Orville cranking out a dance routine quite in the way we see Ryan Adames commit to in the Blake English directed, video. (But seeing as the rising star of Country music surprised everyone with his ballet prowess in the video clip for “Hope To Die” there is an itty bitty chance – Peck may stun us, yet.) Ryan though is an old hand having grown up around acting, dancing and singing. Saddle up because with their track “Heartless” She & the Bandit are only just getting starting. While, centred, around a heartbreak theme similar to that also covered by Peck. The steamy heat created by Ryan heading up the She & the Bandit visual is like Orville could, never.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheandthebandit/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0hDOo4Q0NWyymraI1yr6s6?si=6oOdDiP0Tv6P1fD_x1oGvQ

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