It is difficult to predict when the electronic pop outfit She & the Bandit will hit us with new music. As far as we know right now, with no mentions of an EP forthcoming, they are first concentrating on releasing single tracks only. During 2019, She & the Bandit unleashed their debut offering they returned with sophomore effort “Heartless” in September of this year. The synth wave-inspired music group closes out 2020 with a massive nod to the 80s by way of cutting-edge electro stomper “Bad Kids” featuring Blake English and Ina of KingQueen.

What is so special about, she and the bandit you may ask? To which I respond, the Ryan Adamés masterminded project isn’t merely trying to emulate or recapture the magic of the 80s synth-pop. The aim is to rewrite the music of the era by creating a unique style of their own. There are definitely elements from the 80s in evidence also Ryan’s raspy voice transcends into a distinctive style of rap which in turn merges into pop-rock vocals. Are you curious about, she and the bandit, yet? You should be!

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The genre-defying third single “Bad Kids” is a similarly gutsy and powerhouse cousin to the previous track “Heartless.” A gritty narrative with spikey lyrics about being the baddest, badass. She and the Bandit’s words hold no prisoners, the intent is clear. They are not here to play but to slay with unique artistry. The synth-wave project is bulldozing through genres and raising-up questions about the human condition. It is important, for our wellbeing (especially during this pandemic hit year) that we stay true to our authentic, individual selves. Not allowing the adversities 2020 has sprung up to dim our light. “Bad Kids” is a song of pep and valour. If you are having one of those days when you feel you’ve lost a bit of your spark. A listen to “Bad Kids” will re-light your flame. The driving beat teamed with sparky lyrics satisfyingly rekindle the lost spirit within.

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