Sound the alarm! Lights is ready to unleash a new album.

We’re going to have to follow this one real closely because the upcoming long player “Skin & Earth” is a complete media experience which is also taking form as a comic book series – seeing Lights immersing herself into a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. The care Lights has already taken in mapping out teasers and clues to song lyrics through dedicated Instagram accounts, totally shows us that the whole “Skin & Earth” package breathes even more ambition from the creative thinking artist.

The visual element of Lights material has always been very well executed and thought out but I think we can definitely take a lead from the album’s introductory single “Giants” and the supporting video, that the “Skin & Earth” era is going to be next level.

What better way to begin a new chapter in music than to strike out with a bold, pop discerning and empowering anthem like “Giants”.

This whole “Skin & Earth” project seems like a smart move and concept from Lights doesn’t it? I’m instantly in pop love with it!