Canadian alt-pop artist Lights has come a long way since releasing her 2009 debut album ” The Listening.” I, for one, have not forgotten the superb synth-pop songs “Saviour,” “February Air,” and “Ice” lifted from this album. This multidisciplinary, talented artist has been making music for over a decade. Change and growth were inevitable. Lights, involvement in the dance music scene grew as she started to DJ more. (This led to collaborations with Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, and Felix Cartal, among others). I just heard news that Lights has a new album on the horizon. It looks as though we can anticipate the release in 2022. First, she has rolled out a new single from it. “Real Thing” featuring LA-based artist/producer ELOHIM.

Following a period away from the genre. She returns to a dreamy, synth-pop, style. It feels good to hear Lights once again perform in a style akin to that which launched her career. Take note. This is a powerful, partnership between the two artists in a creative sense. Yet, the collaboration with ELOHIM, “Real Thing,” shows both artists exploring their softer sides. In the lyrics of the song, they reflect on life and love.

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Lights expands on the track.

“”Real Thing“, challenges the traditional concept of ‘The one for you.’ She says of the idea. “I don’t think it actually exists but, we are predominantly sold the idea that we need to find one person, lock them in forever, and you can’t change and grow.” Adding, “We are always looking for the real thing, but it is not always fucking real.”

I appreciate them for being authentic and honest in the song, above all else. Thus bringing a thought-provoking conversation into the open. That being said, the ladies thought to bring us a video where they cycle and skateboard. While they accessorise the beach-wear they are dressed in with bridal veils and netting. They, with director Lindsey Blane, use this to evoke the non-conforming sentiments in the lyrics to the song. I feel.

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