There are many artists on the market today that are just one note artists. Nothing but one-sided sound. Though, when you look at the long lasting pop artists of the past 50 years there is one thing that makes them stand strong for so long. Creative flexibility. For synth-pop queen LIGHTS, she is flexing those creative muscles into the acoustic realm with her new video ‘Meteorites’.

LIGHTS has recrafted ‘Meteorites’ into an acoustic version which has given the song a 180 degree emotional turn. Whilst he original version of ‘Meteorites’ gave us more of a positive, upbeat feel, the acoustic version takes us on a reflective and nostalgic journey.

What’s more beautiful than looking back upon those positive vibes than taking a stroll in front of the water? With that sense of calm that the vast scenery has, the video brings on a feeling of “I’m right here, where I want to be in my life”. With her own name emblazoned in those neon lights she speaks of, ‘Meteorites’ gives us that perfect feeling that all of us long to capture.