Throughout the length of the pandemic. She consistently delivered bop after bop after bop. So much so that she has hardly taken any time to rest up, since. Nevertheless, a new era has begun for Tiggi Hawke. When recapping her releases thus far. The London-based singer-songwriter’s style in sound has snaked around a bit. Swinging from otherworldly, electronic-pop experiments in the beginning to that of neon-fueled dance and EDM offerings of late. The new release from Tiggi, “Giants,” sees her reconnecting once more with her experimental, electronic-pop roots.

Hearing her sweet, delicate voice paired against a streamlined backdrop of ethereal melody. Is what creates a good sound for her. Intoxicating. Potent. Otherworldly. Blissful. These were the thoughts that immediately popped into my head when listening to the track. What’s more I soon noticed that “Giants” has rich atmospheric textures. While grace and elegance pour from her voice similar to that of an angels song. Summing up this track. The piece evokes sounds of the cosmos through the transcendental-styled music.

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I find that the dreamy, ethereal nature of the music gives me a sense of mysticism. That it almost conjures up sci-fi-styled imagery in my head. Upon checking out the video. (Also just released for the track.) I notice that myself and Tiggi are on the same page with our thoughts about this song. This is confirmed when Tiggi appears in extra-terrestrial outfits and makeup while being seen in a panoramic natural landscape setting. These scenes reflect her personality and also her love for sci-fi and futuristic technology.

Tiggi Hawke said: “While I don’t want to push my interpretation of “Giants” on other people, it is a song of personal liberation for me. “Giants” reflects my internal journey since the last single and how making my new music has made me feel”.

“Walk, (walk) tall like giants,” the lyrics urge. As if to say, be confident in your actions. Do what is best for you always. Happiness, inner peace and enlightenment will follow. This begs the question. Who is Tiggi portraying in this video? A wood nymph kind of mythical being seems to be the persona she is going for. I am not positive whether she has magical powers or not. However, she utterly enchants me with this exquisite, fever dream song.

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