Because of how the world was turned upside down by the pandemic, merely talking about danceable electro-pop or EDM. Had the feeling of being off-limits. When the truth is danceable, electro-pop makes my ears perk up and helps with keeping us feeling uplifted. This is true of Tiggi Hawke. Arriving on the pop music scene in 2016. The pop singer-songwriter has become renowned for only delivering bops. She didn’t put the brakes on last year. Instead, throughout 2020, Tiggi fought back with a string of colourful, energetic tracks and has had much the same plans in place during 2021. Currently, she’s out with the track “Ride or Die“. A collaboration with the German production duo Junge Junge. An unbridled, vibrantly melodic offering that is teamed with thoughtful, very open lyrics. “It’s super communicative literally, no holds barred. This is how I feel about you, and I want you to be my “Ride or Die!”” Tiggi explains.

The fantastic Lucas Mendoza artwork used on the recent singles featuring Tiggi transformed into a cyberpunk definitely caught my eye. It is a style that often lends so well to music videos. Tiggi must have thought this way also because she has immersed herself into the theme for the “Ride or Die” video. 80s pop culture fans eyes are sure to light up when they see the new clip, as being heavily inspired by the movie “Drive“.

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“There’s also a not-so-subtle nod to one of my favourite films – “Back To The Future” with the iconic DeLorean, which features a lot in the video. (I can’t tell you how excited I was when we managed to find one,”) Tiggi says, while further adding…

“Actually, the whole video was so much fun to film. Everyone involved was genuinely amazing, and it was really great (but initially a bit weird!) to be around people after being isolated during the pandemic. Actually, being in a club for work was crazy. It felt, really, weird, after not having been able to go out for a long time, and it was as close to a party as I’d had in forever!”

A Tiggi Hawke music video is not a Tiggi Hawke music video without a few splashes of added neon colour. The clip for “Ride or Die” has the twilight vibe perfected, coming to us in soothing shades of violet and vibrant hot pink. I do, hope in my translating it, I have not made the clip sound over-nice. Seriously, they bagged a DeLorean for the shoot, be a waste to use it only for cruising around in. Tiggi is up to no good. It is her getaway car. Watch the video to fill in the gaps.

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