Introducing new songs by way of first launching a remix is becoming a bit of an emerging pattern with popstar on-the-rise Tiggi Hawke. We’ve followed her emergence closely enough to be all too knowing that these are the actions which are helping to shape Tiggi’s development and enable to see her spellbinding brand of otherworldly pop, register well-earned curiosity and a growing amount of new fans alike.

When we put on our recent EQ Live show, we knew we wanted Tiggi to be a part of it. Even though we were already drawn in by Tiggi’s artistry in all that we’d heard. What Tiggi brought to the stage at EQ Live, was not only artistry but she also showed us performance skills, more than this her down-to-earth character, wit and warmth all went hand-in-hand to charm over the on-looking audience. We were knocked for six at just how comfortable and at home, Tiggi appeared on the stage, as a relative newbie to it all.

One of the highlights of the set was Tiggi’s ace next single “Neon Dancer”, which she delivered with a spark of fun and shiny twinkle in her eye. It really gave us cause to experience the moment, spontaneously flash smiles and shuffle out a few party dance steps of our own. Speaking of, this is what Tiggi wishes us to succumb too with the unleashing of the House Of Virus remix of the single. The original edit produced by Prides former drummer turned producer Lewis Gardiner will have its debut soon, but first, and not least because it’s party season the remixes are out and doing the rounds.

We think you’ll find that the House Of Virus remix will hit you like a lightning bolt of dancefloor energy, all popping and beat bopping and just giving the right amount of measure of Tiggi’s transcending vocals to bring to balance a degree of dreamy exquisiteness, which really is at the heart of what Tiggi Hawke’s heartfelt, emotively expressive tune making is all about.