Tiggi Hawke is a pop force to be reckoned with. As far as we are concerned we feel she’s a major player on the periphery of great things.

Our assumptions of Tiggi Hawke and her singing/songwriting talent exuded all expectations when she performed for us recently at EQ Music Live. Tiggi Hawke confirmed to us that she is a credible versatile artist with plenty of artistry to make more than a footprint on planet pop.

The highlight of Tiggi’s set was the live debut of “Neon Dancer”. We shared an additional super-sized teaser of the track by way of the House Of Virus Remix not so long ago.

“Neon Dancer” was produced by Lewis Gardiner (formerly of Prides) and co-written by Tiggi about the energy and vibrancy of city life and all its radiantly, pulsating splendor.

What we love about “Neon Dancer” is the dynamic metropolitan spirit it captures, seeping its way into the bouncy fibers of this ebullient and vivacious song.

Keep your eyes peeled for the video, making an appearance soon. The teasers are doing the rounds and it all looks fantastically stunning.