So, I decided to check out the latest release from Jessie Ware, even though I’m not typically a fan. I noticed that Roisin Murphy collaborated with her on a song called “Freak Me Now,” which is featured on Jessie’s recent album “That! Feels Good!“. The same that’s actually been nominated for the Mercury Prize. Besides, I had a suspicion that a music video with the two of them would be amazing, especially with Roisin’s involvement in the project.

I noted that the track was co-written by Clarence Coffee Jr, Stuart Price, and Jessie. However, Roisin also contributed, when invited, making it team effort of four equally talented hitmakers. From what I understand, Jessie was super excited to work with Roisin on the remix version since it’s a funky little number that Roisin would be perfect for. I can unreservedly imagine the video would not have turned out half as fun without Roisin included in it.

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To mark the auspicious occasion Jessie went to director Sophie Muller and creative director Theo Adams to create a vibrant video for this super hot release. Noticeably, neither Jessie nor Roisin especially had any reservations when asked to don various fashionista looks. In a video clip, reminiscent of “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-Lite, and also hinting at the Roisin Murphy-helmed Moloko track “Sing it Back.”

The track, but even more the video clip is an enormous release of fun. They obviously went into this video shoot with the mindset of just living in the moment and running away with the theme. This video clip is full of energy and excitement that makes you want to get up and dance along. Evidently, everyone involved had a blast creating this masterpiece.

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