Well, Jessie Ware surprised and delighted me this week with the release of her track “Save A Kiss.” There is no question, she’s a bit of a pop diva (in the celebrated artist sense of the word) yet leans more on the soul-side of the equation. I sometimes feel, though, she’s not pop enough that I can write about her. As she’s deep-diving into the disco realm for this latest offering, Jessie has landed slap bang into our consciousness with the fast and furious dance-pop beats of this electrifying song.

Notice how the pulsing, synth-pop melody is similarly reminiscent to “With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn? Well, I did. To be honest, I think it was this which made me take a cold hard look at the release. So there’s that, teamed with bursts of classic disco styling and Jessie’s soul-drenched voice which lifts this track up into prime, crossover territory. My feeling is, she is going to have one big hit on her hands with this track. I can only imagine how a brilliant music video was being developed and how it’s had to be thought about in a quite different way than might have been originally planned.

Because of the trend among millennials of filming TikTok dance routines being a favourite way of passing the time while being at home in lockdown. Jessie is asking fans to record a video clip of themselves dancing to the track. There’s a film of the choreography (by the gorgeous Patrick!) you can watch on YouTube and as well as a full dance tutorial to teach you all the moves. Further details (HERE) if you feel like having a go. BE QUICK closes May 12th.

Going into the release of upcoming album “What’s Your Pleasure?“(releasing June19th) “Save A Kiss” is a very good call from Jessie Ware, as who doesn’t like to feel uplifted by blasting out a healthy dollop of funkified disco-pop, if only now and then.

Connect with Jessie Ware
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessieWare/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JessieWare
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessieware/

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