Due to the festive holiday slowdown, except for a few worthwhile releases. As was to be expected. Last Friday was mostly a disappointing one for new music. Therefore, today in place of my usual blog coverage, I thought I would share something that I find far more exciting with our readers. Which instead is the news about the film Roisin Murphy just released. Her latest album, “Roisin Machine“, was launched in October 2020. and therefore, it goes without saying touring around her newest body of work happened in a staggered fashion.

It is well-known how much of a creative force she is. Artistic pursuits are not the only thing she excels at. She also shines in the performance arena. Being able to return to touring must have come as a massive blessing. I feel sure any artist who had to scrap, cancel or postpone live shows through 2020 and 2021. Have appreciated the opportunities of live performances and touring that much more. This is especially true of Roisin as someone with a great deal of creativity.

Taking the above on board. Roisin has unleashed the film “Roisin Machine” for our viewing pleasure, online. This concert is a 1 hr 30 min full of Roisin doing what she does best, being one of the coolest innovators in music, fashion and expressive arts of this day and age. I will not ruin this special experience with spoilers As in order to view. This incredibly gracious treat is available only to those who subscribe to Roisin’s newsletter (HERE). Email cluttering up our inboxes is not something we enjoy. In this instance, I feel it is worthwhile that you do so. When signed-up, there is an option of downloading the “Roisin Machine” film, which is exclusive to this mailing list. She also announced a new era is about to begin. So get excited. Since you will also get all the news on this first.

OK, as it is Christmas. I will let slip one tiny spoiler. She does indeed perform “Overpowered“, which is of course, one of Roisin’s biggest hits.

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