First of all. I want to assure EQ Music Blog readers that the delay in this post is not because of any indecisiveness about the new Pet Shop Boys track “Dancing Star.” Instead, it’s due to my recent travels around Northern Europe. I am back now and ready to share my thoughts on the track with you all.

Wow! It’s been a week since Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe dropped “Dancing Star” as the second teaser of their upcoming album “Nonetheless“! I was excitedly looking forward to this follow-up single after being blown away by the brilliance of “Loneliness.”

Pet Shop Boys’ latest release takes us back to the 80s music scene. Using subtle hints of The Human League and Madonna. This track is a tribute to Rudolf Nureyev, the legendary ballet dancer who defected from the Soviet Union in search of freedom. The lyrics are specific and thought-provoking, staying true to the subject matter. If you’re a devoted Pethead or a lover of music that tells a compelling story. This is a track you don’t want to miss!

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PSB has stated they wrote the upcoming album “Nonetheless” during the pandemic. Although, despite searching, I couldn’t find any comments from the duo explaining the inspiration behind “Dancing Star.” Nevertheless, it would be intriguing to learn more about the story behind the song. Moreover specifically what motivated PSB to honour the legendary dancer.

The “Dancing Star” music video by Luke Halls incorporates both brief glimpses of the Pet Shop Boys performing this track entwined with footage of the legendary ballet dancer supplied by the Rudolf Nureyev Foundation.

The Pet Shop Boys never fail to surprise their fans with exciting updates for their diaries. Just like the “Loneliness” single announcement, where subsequent shows and events were revealed, they are now back with more surprises. Get ready for an evening with an exclusive “Nonetheless” album playback, a special conversation event in Manchester, and the airing of their “Then and Now” documentary on BBC One.

What’s even more exciting is that the duo has been continuing to make a bigger impression on the electronic pop scene. Recently, they held two special cinema screenings of their “Dreamworld” Greatest Hits Live tour, which was filmed in Copenhagen. I was fortunate to attend one of these screenings at my local Cineworld, and it was an amazing experience. The grandeur of an arena performance combined with the intimacy of a smaller cinema made for an unforgettable afternoon. I would definitely be up for attending another screening like this if another artist I like decides to try something similar. And highly recommend it as an alternative to see some of your favourite music performed in a unique and memorable way.

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