Pride month is only just beginning, and although the celebrations this year will be carried out somewhat differently than usual, they nevertheless got off to a good start with an online event put together by Smithsonian Pride. The two-hour virtual concert and digital time capsule featured items of LGBTQ+ Heritage, Culture, and History featuring LGBTQ+ musicians, artists, and allies, as well as highlights from the Smithsonian collections. A diverse and insightful broadcast, educating as well as entertaining. Closing out the extravaganza by giving an, in lockdown rendition of “West End Girls” were the one and only Pet Shop Boys!

The new lockdown version of the duos 1984 hit song, brought Neil and Chris together in a split-screen performance from their respective homes. Chris, ever the wingman, appears in producer mode spending the three and half minute duration of the live segment defying the gaze of the cameras. Thankfully Neil is more willing to appear on film, and cooly delivers another timeless performance of the band’s well-renowned song.

Given how many times the duo must have performed the track live in their illustrious thirty-year long career this latest version is chilled to perfection. The production as you would expect is immaculate, and the PSB fans were quick on the case requesting that it be given an official release. The track sounds as fresh as though it was just, written yesterday, nevermind thirty plus years ago. Despite, the upheaval and anxiety which is prevalent in our daily lives, presently. The Pet Shop Boys continue to be a formidable force of good.

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