When I wrote about the Pet Shop Boys track “Monkey Business” earlier in January, I never contemplated that the brilliant live performance on The One Show (a re-creation of the “Monkey Business” video) would be the best, we’d see Neil and Chris tour their fabulous album, “Hotspot” this year. Not to worry if you already bagged tickets for the European dates of the “Dreamworld” tour. They have been rescheduled for May 2021. (Tickets for the original dates will remain valid for the new dates.) Along with this not so surprising announcement comes, the not so surprising, release of a new single.

As much as, I adore, the electronic pop legends. Touches of humour with them are always artfully executed. They are never, not seen as being stylishly cool. Yet I do think, they might be sharing a little of their sense of fun by choosing “I don’t wanna” as their latest single. The opening lyrics of the song are “I don’t wanna go out. I don’t wanna go dancing.” A nice touch of irony here methinks. On a serious note, because actually, importantly this track highlights some of the effects of struggling with low self-esteem and social anxiety. And of how music can help with working through these insecurities. Hint- follow the full story unfolding in the lyric video!

The release of “I don’t wanna” also boasts a remix package. I’d especially advise you seek out the super high-velocity treatments from David Jackson. And I’ll also raise you a dare, to NOT dance to them. Don’t you all come crying over to our Facebook page to tell me you didn’t bust out with some dancing moves, because I WIN.

Being as this post is quickly turning into a mega Pet Shop Boys update.

The BFI has announced it is to release a restored version of Pet Shop Boys’ 1988 feature film “It Couldn’t Happen Here, directed by Jack Bond and starring Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe alongside Joss Ackland and Barbara Windsor. Unavailable worldwide for the last 30 years, the film has been newly remastered by the BFI from a 4K scan for release as a limited-edition Blu-ray/DVD on June 15.

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