You may have noticed I recently came out as a fan of the Glaswegian pop duo HYYTS. At every listen, the track “S.O.S” remains endearing and special. The track was a team-up with the songwriter and producer Starsmith, who has become somewhat of a frequent collaborator since HYYTS signed with Warner Records. I love the softer, soothing and evocative vibe they are now going with. I hope it will lead to a brilliant EP release sometime soon or dare I say, album? I can see myself being super obsessed with either of these prospects. I am sensing this even more. Because with Starsmith on board once again. Adam and Sam are sharing their synth-pop delicious new track “Bad Tattoo.”

HYYTS have become advocates for wellbeing and mental health. “S.O.S” was written to highlight men’s mental health issues. They set up NotLonelyPeople social space around the release of their single “Lonely People.” A digital space promoting positivity bringing a bit of loveliness. When meeting up with family and friends has been much harder to do in the last 12 months.

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About “Bad Tattoo” HYYTS has shared on Instagram…

“It’s about being proud of the scars that life leaves behind. It is, personal to both of us in our own ways, and we hope you will find your own meaning in it.”

Let us recognise that HYYTS like to pay attention to details. For the track, “Bad Tattoo” is used as a way, to describe feelings of hurt and distress. In the music video, we see Adam suffering (in not too much discomfort) for his music art. He has allowed Sam to give him a stick and poke tattoo which he carefully etches on his arm. It seemed like a good idea when coming up with a plan, I guess. The expert Tattoo Fixers on Channel 4, are always looking for a hot story about how you got your bad, tattoo. And are keen to remedy poorly executed ink works. Just thought I would mention, in case Adam’s regretting his latest DIY arm art.

Sound On. “Bad Tattoo” from HYYTS is dreamy delicious, electro-pop teamed with intelligent social commentary. Adam’s vocals take us on a journey, the lyrics do so too.

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