Glasgow duo HYYTS had an illustrious start to their career. With nothing but a single or two to their name, they landed the gig of supporting pop legends Culture Club. Although still in their infancy, HYYTS has a tendency, to explore the pop realm rather than being honed in on just the one facet. Lately, they’ve stepped up with their use of melody, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. I started to grow more curious about them when they released the track “The Low Sound” earlier this year. I think I got into them because in some instances they are rather like Glasgow’s answer to Aquilo. They’ve most caught my attention since being picked up by Warner Records UK, in particular with the latest efforts which are co-written with Rationale and produced by Starsmith.

OK, so Starsmith, is a name we haven’t mentioned on this blog for some time although Fin’s continued to be active, producing and writing for higher ranking artists on the pop ladder, like Jessie Ware, Paloma Faith and Jess Glynne. It’s nice to see him behind the wheel, lending his expertise an emerging act once more. Listening to HYYTS latest release “SOS” I feel the duo are certainly benefiting from the hit-makers influence. On the track, everything feels so much more, brought together and flowing. There is a definite pop melody, which I am sure Rationale also helped the duo to develop further. Sure, being inked with Warner Records now means the label wants to squeeze some hits out of HYYTS. It seems to me that the right team are on board to achieve this if “SOS” and “Lonely People” are anything to go on.

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The track is an endearing one. It speaks about being a supportive partner or friend, a listening ear when doubts and hard times sneak up upon you. But more than that, it’s about sharing a special bond. About, being on the same wavelength to know when something isn’t going well, even without saying a word. In this respect, I’d say “SOS” is a very, special song right now. Because of its engaging use of melody, not to mention the earnest vocals and lyrics with a deeper, message, it marks an exciting new chapter for the duo. This is definitely, the kind of music I can quickly become obsessed with, how about you?

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