Glasgow’s HYYTS, Adam Hunter and Sam Hunter have released their hotly anticipated long player release the “helluvatime” EP. This is great news because the duo has been putting out some stellar tracks in the last year, where they have really come into their own and cemented a signature sound for themselves. Using soft electronic vibes teamed with earnest lyricism, it feels like HYYTS have finally arrived at the place they’ve been destined for. Speaking about the EP via Instagram HYYTS shared…

“It’s the story of falling in love, having your heart, broken and feeling ready to do it all over again but told in reverse”.

So going by the tracklisting which opens up with the track “Bad Tattoo” (Previously reviewed here – dreamy delicious, electro-pop teamed with intelligent social commentary) with “Kinda Need You Here Tonight” following hot on its heels does more than to suggest that it has been written post-breakup when still in the process of letting things go. Reality strikes. For instance, you are snuggled into the couch watching a movie when it suddenly hits home, you’re alone and there’s no longer somebody there to share the experience with. I guess what I’m saying is, the track “Kinda Need You Here Tonight” is about those moments when you are left feeling a little empty and get caught reflecting on the past. Which really isn’t such a good headspace to be in.

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For the supporting music video, Adam and Sam took advantage of the lifting of social distancing restrictions around meeting up. We see the guys living it up, house party style. It is while they are chilling with their friendship group that memories coming flooding back, and no matter how they attempt to drown them out with a few too many glasses of refreshing Hard Seltzer. Isn’t enough to eradicate the heart-break feelings, only mask them.

They goof around but that’s what makes them all the more endearing and personable. They also wear their feelings on their sleeve and aren’t afraid that we see the raw truth that exists behind their laddish veneer. These are strengths that are seeing HYYTS steadily growing in popularity. A glance will not do, you have to stop and take in, all of the details that HYYTS puts into their songs. This and only this is how you’ll get to appreciate their honest brand of pop as much as I do.

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