Perhaps the biggest show we attended this year at the SXSW Music Festival was at Lustre Pearl to see electronic pop duo Sylvan Esso perform for M&Ms.

No stranger to SXSW, Sylvan Esso played last year at Stubbs and it was a fantastic show, however the venue was so packed that we really didn’t get a good spot and for us it was more of an “audio” experience. Determined not to have the same experience as last year, Javi and I made our way to Lustre Pearl super early to make sure we got a spot near the stage – and that we did.

Check out live footage of the show where we practically have a first row view of the show.

If I’m being honest, I’m not a mega fan of Sylvan Esso just yet. I quite like their music, but in the world of amazing electronic pop, I tend to favour newer, less established artists over those who have already shot up the ranks as festival darlings. That’s not to say they aren’t good. Sylvan Esso are fucking great – I personally just haven’t spent too much time with their music yet to become a super fan. Javi, my SXSW partner in crime though, absolutely worships them.

So having said that, let’s take a look at their greatest hits thus far for “Die Young”, “Radio”, and “Coffee”. If you’re like me, maybe you’ll discover and appreciate Sylvan Esso’s music at this stage of their career.

Racking up millions of views, something tells me, Sylvan Esso will be around for quite a while…