There was quite a bit of excitement for Troye Sivan at SXSW this year. Having announced two shows at Coppertank for YouTube Music and a show at the Pandora Discovery Den, getting into these Troye’s shows took a bit of pre-planning and patience, because well, the queues stretched around the block in both cases.

If you perservered and made it into the venues, you were treated to an absolute delight in way of Troye’s charasmatic and honest performances. Troye’s SXSW shows earmarked quite a few firsts for the out artist as well, in which he gleefully told the crowd. For instance he celebrated SXSW being his very first festival show ever and he revelled in the fact that the audience ‘might’ be a bit tipsy because he’s only ever played all-ages shows in the past. During his show at Coppertank for YouTube Music, Troye also basked in the limelight whilst telling the story about how he uploaded his very first YouTube video in 2007 and now he’s headlining a SXSW stage for them. Just incredible. If you want to relive that cutsey moment, you really should here

For me, seeing Troye Sivan live for the first time in SXSW was a key moment. It’s what SXSW is all about really. Anyone who is hot in music in 2016 will be playing at SXSW and there isn’t a more celebrated pop darling right now bigger than Troye Sivan.

Enjoy our exclusive edit of the YouTube Music show below!