If there is one film you need to see this week, it’s FEMME.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this SXSW original short film go from accolade-to-accolade to not-surprisingly being turned into a feature film. Last week I got to review the film with my fellow Boys On Film critics Phil Marriott and Sean Vickers and here is what we unpacked, which so far, has been my favorite film review to wax poetic on.

From IMDB: FEMME follows Jules, who is targeted in a horrific homophobic attack, destroying his life and career. Some time after that event he encounters Preston, one of his attackers, in a gay sauna. He wants revenge.

I can’t stress how great FEMME is. LGBTQ+ storytelling has come a long way and it’s nice to witness this angle of storytelling being represented so flawlessly through the rising talent of co-directors Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping – a filmmaking duo who are ones to be reckoned with. The cast is anchored with solid and strong lead performances from emerging actors George Mackay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett whose chemistry on-screen is undeniable.

My sincerest hope is that considering the differences of the original short film and the feature length-film, a new queer universe in FEMME can be launched as FEMME could be the new Queer As Folk television event that we need right now.

Here’s the trailer…

FEMME is released tomorrow in theatres. Don’t wait for it to hit streaming, seek it out and get lost in this incredible story which will have you riveted until the credits roll.