If you did so. I hope you did not get up to get fresh air for long during the half-time entertainment segment. (Which featured after each Eurovision entry performed on Saturday night). As tempting as it was to stretch our legs and take a break from all the craziness. (Given the rollercoaster ride of results coming in still lay ahead). There was pre-warning that aside from co-hosting the show, the adorably eccentric Mika would perform a short medley of his hits in this part of the live broadcast.

While listening through a sizeable selection of ballads, spanning both good efforts and some less exciting ones. The news about Mika’s performance, in particular, was what kept me from tuning out the show for a bit. The medley featuring the tracks “Love Today“, “Grace Kelly“, “Yo Yo“, and “Happy Ending.” The vibrant half-time performance was every bit as colourful and upbeat as I was hoping for.

It was in the showcase we saw the new Mika track “Yo Yo” live for the first time.

“I wanted to write a song that could make you cry and dance at the same time.” MIKA comments, “A song to make the world, in all its harshness, feel better. Something that will always be there to comfort you. I wrote this for you, as you listen in your room, or in a club: it doesn’t matter it’s just about you.”

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I was craving to hear it. In “Yo Yo” there is no trace of Mika’s brilliant trademark falsetto. Instead, the topline from the global pop sensation hovers around the lower vocal register. It took a few spins of the track to get me into it. (Additionally the Eurovision teaser helped my developing appreciation of the song grow stronger, still.) Regardless of what happened in the competition. It was Mika, who was always going to turn out as my shining star of the night. And come through for me and you, he did. I hope he did not shelve the falsetto indefinitely. I miss it a touch already.

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