We’re five days into 2019 already, and this is my first blog of this brand New Year. First and foremost I wanted to return from my festive break with a jolly, upbeat song to talk about. So, given his previous good track record and when I read purveyor of wonky pop, MIKA had been teasing a new track release. I very much had my mind set on this track as being the sum of all I’ve been craving. I haven’t been disappointed by “Sound Of An Orchestra.” (Although, I did become a little distracted from writing about it quick smart as I remembered and consequently had to hunt out the video where the singer performs his track “Celebrate” backed by a vegetable orchestra.)

However, there is quite a different story in regard to MIKA’s latest dalliance with large music ensembles. Sorry to report in, to all the Vegans out there, he isn’t embracing the Veganuary vibes on this track. It has been written for an Italian TV show “La Compagnia del cigno.” As MIKA explains to the video.repubblica.it, website.

“I wanted to write a song that speaks not only of love between two people but also of love for music, of the magic of the sounds transmitted by the gestures of the beloved person.”

In listening to the lyrics of the song. I believe MIKA makes a very valid statement about associating certain sounds to emotions, actions and situations in our lives. The singer’s descriptive use of naming instruments to the movements of the cherished person he is singing about starts off quite adoringly.”You lower your hand, clarinet will play,” “when you smile, violins will soar” and then he utters the words “when you move your legs, timpani will roar” which changes the mood completely. Reminding us of what we have always loved about MIKA. His quirky nature which he seamlessly presents with immaculate musicianship in the form of song.

Lots of MIKA fans have left comments on the YouTube audio clip of this track with some mentioning their desire for a new album from the music sensation. Well, I hope these wishes are fulfilled. The fans have spoken and I too would rather like a new body of work from MIKA to guide me through whatever 2019 throws at me.

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