What song should I write about on the hottest day of the year so far, I asked myself this morning? Bing, as if by prompting, I noticed the music video for the new Mika track “Ice Cream” had popped up in my inbox. I have never had any trouble saying yes to a helping of ice cream. I can happily wolf down, a smorgasbord of the stuff. Similarly the same applies to the joyfully, colourful music Mika makes. I make no hesitation to get his tunes in my ears. It is as instinctive to me as spoonfeeding creamed frozen desserts into my belly. Thoughts of ice cream were not far from my mind anyway, as I have my suitcase packed. I’m just about to begin my summer holiday. I’m so ready. Before I depart for a few days of chillaxing. (They’ll be no blog posts from me for the next few days) I want to take a closer look at the “Ice Cream” music video.

People of the UK, and folks in parts of Europe will especially identify with the characters who are seeking ways to cool themselves down in this music video. As we live in countries where air conditioning facilities are not so widespread or commonplace as in other parts of the world, which bask in hotter temperatures as the norm. The opening scenes in this music video where we see a dude slouched on his living room couch in his underwear. Feet placed in a bowl of water, surrounded by pedestal fans. A lady taking a bath in ice and another cooling herself by placing her head inside the fridge door. Amply represent the kind of scenes you would have seen if you peeked beyond the curtains of many of our homes, during the sweltering heatwave of 2018. We had to resort to such measures because Mika wasn’t yet, bringing his ice cream to our yard. Because he was in Italy writing this song with Daniel Black and preparing his next album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook“, out October, 4th.

“The song is a daydream fantasy. It shimmers like a mirage and makes me feel like anything is possible. Inspired by the irreverent attitude of the music of the 90s: George Michael among others. Dare to be the more proud version of yourself. Dare to be a sensual man, dare to express out loud the desires you always keep inside your head. That’s why and how I wrote it.” Mika, says of the song.

You can always depend on Mika to inject a big element of fun into much of everything he does. It really wouldn’t be quite the same if we didn’t see and hear evidence of his playful nature beaming out through his music. He first came to our attention by showing us “Life In Cartoon Motion” and he hasn’t stopped from being authentic to this trend. Thank the pop gods. He’s a treasure. An incredible songwriter, and is giving us the biggest scoop of summery vibes imaginable in his new song “Ice Cream“.


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