Oh yes! I am extremely, happy to see the return of disco, Kylie. The Aussie pop princess has just announced her 15th studio album “DISCO” arrives November, 6th. The singer had given a big hint during a recent interview that she’d wanted to embrace the dancefloor proper once more. It seems, she really wasn’t trying to throw us off the scent. She’s kept to her promise, even by naming her album as such. The cover art looks absolutely, confessions on a dancefloor stunning. (Ahem, my nod to Madonna being intentional) The DISCO era kicks off spacey and synthy with the lead single “Say Something.” It’s fair to say, after more than a few spins in, I’m already seeing glitter and shimmer from a faraway galactic discotheque appearing before my mind’s eye.

Speaking with DJ Zoe Ball during the premiere of the track on Radio 2, Kylie teased details of the forthcoming “Say Something” music video, which is currently in the post-production process. The latest Sophie Muller creation is expected to arrive within a week or two. The theme – galactic disco, feels somewhat predictable owing to the futuristic, electronic groove which drives the uplifting song.

I dare say, as soon as the official video does touch down, you’ll find it oozing its undoubted gorgeousness on this blog. But of course, I couldn’t wait that long before bestowing some EQ Music Blog love Kylie’s way. They’ll be no Taylor or Little Mix raining on Kylie’s new music parade here. So I’m inviting you to take a peep at the “Say Something” spacey themed lyric video which premiered this morning. There are, of course, some nice, little hints within about the intergalactic imagery that we might see peep up in the artwork, visuals or videos in due course. But basically, I’m just, living for the tiny teaser glimpses of the Aussie pop Goddess appearing daubed in disco glitter. Sharing the unifying love is love, message through this synth-funky, cosmic song.


The official video has arrived. I am completely, bedazzled by it’s shiny, sparkliness. The Sophie Muller visual makes me feel that I should choose something to wear today, which is stitched in sequins. I just don’t feel right sitting watching the clip in my shorts and T-shirt. I hate to pick faults. The only thing which could have made this music video better, in my opinion, is that with the addition of a pointy horn, the golden stallion be transformed as a unicorn. It’s what your gay audience would have wanted kylie…

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