I haven’t written about Millie Turner in a while. She is a singer-songwriter who often surprises me with a banger of a track. That makes me sit up and take note. Like she has with the track, “Made a Vow“, released last Friday. She caught my ear alight with previous releases “She Was A Dancer“, “Night Running” and “January“. Basically, her style is eclectic, electronic dance music. Which makes her niche enough but not so left-of-field either. I totally missed, Millie teamed up with Dadi Freyr last year (how rude of me). They smashed a cover of Haddaway’s “What Is Love?”

Before Covid came along, she was generating some serious buzz. Managed some tour support opportunities, alongside Tove Lo before restrictions came into play, for what has felt like forever. With live shows now resumed, she has returned picking up the thread where she left off. Is back on stage getting those gigs in and just released the very, seriously shimmery electro-pop track “Made a Vow“. She sings about setting herself a goal and not allowing others to tell her otherwise or try to change her mind. Essentially it appears to be a song about steering her own ship and having command of her own destiny.

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When listening to the track I could very much imagine it as something in the same lane as La Roux might enter into. Shimmery, choppy synths and both singers with recognisably distinctive voices. The style of this track feels a fit for both these artists. I really hope to see Millie Turner’s name added to many festivals and showcases next year. There is some time to make up but equally feel sure she is an emerging artist back on the ascent and fast-rising. I was stupid enough to not follow her closely enough, but I have realised my mistake. For me, Millie is a crucial new pop proposition for 2022. I am confident that we will be hearing from her a lot.

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