Lately, I’ve been finding it difficult to pick out an emerging female artist who I feel has a special quality about them, and who I think might have a shot at longevity going forward, in the music business. I’m not going to paper over the facts here, but there’s a saturation of, pretty voices coming through who can definitely sing. My problem is, a lot of these ladies with, pretty voices, and, pretty songs, are not standing out, for me. Fresh-faced newcomer Millie Turner is a rare breed among her peers though with stunning tracks like “The Shadow” and “You and I” already under her belt. The London teenager is full of spirit, palpable creative energy, and a heaven scent voice, which is a pure delight to listen to.

Millie is well on her way to securing a breakthrough, and I really get the sense of this drawing closer still with the current release, “She Was A Dancer.” The style of this track is just that little bit off centre but not so much as you’d find it challenging to listen to. On the contrary, it has a wonderfully propulsive vibe, with electronic beats charmingly peppered into its strong rhythmic melody. I find the chord structures of the melody quite, La Roux like in places. The alluring sound of ethereal electronic grooves is both beguiling and mesmeric.

The star of the show is definitely Millie, her style and demeanour remind me of a young Kate Bush. I’m am loving the whole organic aura which seems to envelop this song. This stirring offering places her tender yet edgy vocals to gripping effect. It is a beguiling mix of confidence and distinctive, polished, mature sound deserving of bigger and better things to come. When the BBC Sound of, tastemakers poll, releases its long-list selection of nominees during the latter part of this year. I’d very much like to see Millie Turner’s name make an appearance on it. She’s fresh, and her style of music is super appealing, while just that little bit different, so she impressionably, stands out. Right now, this is just what new British music needs.

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