Exciting news alert! (Well, at least as far as I am concerned). As usual, South African-born, London-based musician Nic Billington (a personal favourite of mine) delivers yet another one of his top-notch electronic pop tracks. The new offering in question. A track named “Living to Die“, is where the title alone comes across as a little bit dark and with a sense of foreboding. Moreover. Lately, this is a continuation of a vibe Nic has connected with in his newest releases of the last few years. Since he is using more authenticity and has evolved a greater sense of vulnerability in his songwriting over the past few releases.

In this track. Nic not only asks the question. As well as trying to resolve his somewhat rhetorical dilemma. He is also searching for an answer.

“Are we living to die, living to die, or dying while we’re living?”

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When listening to the song. It seems to me that the lyrics are saying that the more we work, the more likely we are to succeed. However, we should not forget to live in the moment or have fun in the process.

How timely of Nic to release this track when the cost of living is at an all-time high. “Living to Die‘s” message is that we should find joy in the little things now more than ever, before.

I am not sure if Nic has a music video in the works for this track. Although it goes without saying that I would love to watch another of his incredibly stylish and edgy visuals, as the aesthetics are always stunning. Either way, I am happy, even if it means Nic should not drop a video this time around. This is because a short while ago, I checked out an interview he did with Jacaranda FM. This is where he appears to hint a significantly bigger project from him might well be in the pipeline.

I feel sure the plot will continue to thicken for Nic Billington in 2023 and fingers crossed that it will also mean more music comes our way.

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