A multi-talented artist that I wrote about back in the day (2016 to be precise) has started to release, music again. There really is, no end to South African, Nic Billington’s creative strength’s. He’s a singer/songwriter. A model. He’s a bit of an artist/painter also. I’m guessing he can probably knit a very nice jumper as well. I may have made that last comment in jest, but the arts and craft arena does seem to be his calling. This insight also goes some way in explaining why we haven’t had any new music from him in quite some while. He’s been busy using his creative energy elsewhere. Recently Nic jumped on a couple of tracks with The Voice South Africa contestant Armand Joubert. “You Get Me High” is Nic’s first solo release in four years.

Nic Billington’s debut album “Overload” was jam-packed with fifteen electrifying electro-pop tracks. Much of the music inspiration on the debut effort stemmed from Britney, Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, I’d say. Just as styles come and go in fashion, 2020 Nic Billington is slipping into new vibes and grooves. The music while still electronic has turned edgy and darker. Co-written with Paul Gala and Mia van Wyk, the songs speak about taking chances on a new relationship – despite getting hurt in the past.

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I have to say, Nic is very good with putting out decent music videos. He always puts his whole heart and soul and them some, into their making. He has sung from the top of a mountain and has appeared as the adorable guy who wears nerdy glasses, on more than one occasion. I think we get to see more of who the real Nic Billington is, in the latest clip for “You Get Me High.”

“I really wanted to include a few unsettling moments throughout the video to create some tension or suspense. These scenes depict the dangers that come with falling in love. I also got to work with a tarantula and a snake – which really, added to the edgy vibe that we’re going for.” – Nic Billington

The video although moderately haunting is still a treat for the eyes. The song is sleek and effortlessly stylish with a darkly seductive vibe. The burning question is, is Nic Billington South Africa’s best-kept electro-pop secret? Answer – I think so.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicbillingtonmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicbillington
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicbillington/

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