It was a good day. When after a brief hiatus, Nic Billington returned to releasing music again. “You Get Me High“, his single of last year introduced a new direction for the South African singer/songwriter, multi-creative talent. He came back with a sleek, stylish, darkly seductive vibe. Which was quite the turnabout, but nevertheless showed me Nic had a stunning grasp of this kind of musicality and artistic concepts. When making his come back, Nic also promised there would be other new music on the way. Follow up, track and his first for 2021 “Without a Warning” shows a further continuation, of his exploration of electronic pop artistry implementing darker themes.

In a starker contrast to all the summer anthems that have started to put in an appearance elsewhere. Nic with “Without a Warning” concentrates his efforts on raising awareness around mental health. Explaining,

“I decided to open up about my struggles to show that anyone can fall victim to mental illness. Which is, why it’s important for people to be mindful of how they treat others because it can unknowingly harm a person’s well-being.”

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Not only has he grown musically, during his time away, Nic has also learned the value of authenticity within lyricism and that today’s pop music fans have a hungry desire for this. If there is a time to be opening up, it is now. And I commend Nic for bravely wearing his heart on his sleeve while, doing so. He told us new music was on the way but however, never warned us how much of a storm was incoming.

The thing about Nic Billington’s music videos is, no matter how earnest or sombre the concept he still performs as a model would and looks hella hot. But that’s just another takeaway from this song. As similarly, appearances can be deceptive. Not all of what we are seeing of someone may match with the feelings going on inside their mind. The striking monochrome music video is rife with symbolic gestures to this effect. The fact remains, with taking us to the dark side, Nic Billington is still as cool as.

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