We knew we were going to be in for a great start to the New Year when Lostchild announced that his debut EP “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” would be arriving with us in the first week of January. As we’ve come to really be taken with the heartfelt authenticity to which Joe Copplestone pours so earnestly into his Lostchild project. There is nothing but soul searching and relatable narratives which form the basis of Lostchild’s emotively drenched, chilled out dance pop offerings.

Lostchild concentrates on a journey of self discovery. A leap into thought and mind make-up. With thought provoking themes resonating with real heart and soul behind them. What we’ve heard of the EP thus far through tracks “Town” and “Blind” have left us wonderstruck by the sheer strokes of wisdom and musicality combined by the emerging artist. It truly is stitched as quite a humble undertaking but nonetheless and charmingly so shows humility and dignity in abundance.

Lostchild cites newly unleashed “Lifeline” as being the most positive song he’s ever written. When you learn it’s about overcoming anxiety, it takes on a new level of importance and perspective, mostly as it’s one of those conditions that none of us is immune to experiencing to some degree. It’s a natural born feeling, sometimes a little of it is a good thing and other times we can become consumed by it.

We can tell you one thing wholeheartedly of “Lifeline”, we are deliriously in rapture with its exquisite poignancy. It’s yet another gem of all round artistry, which at such an early stage by an artist in development is a rare find these days. And quite the reason behind why we can’t keep ourselves from obsessing over Lostchild’s blissfully mesmerizing electronic pop creations, time after time.