Lostchild was one of our emerging artist discoveries of earlier this year and he came to our notice by way of his excellent buzz release EP “Dancing With Boys”. It has to be said we had a particular fondness for the Lostchild track “Somebody Else”, as it made us draw comparisons to Bright Light Bright Light and with that onboard we instantly became drawn under the spell of Lostchild’s superb musicality and personal style of songwriting.

With the groundwork having been set, the debut single “Town” has now arrived and it comes with a sweet video to go with it.

Lostchild is a small town boy, but he is fired with ambition to tell his stories through song of growing up gay and feeling an outsider. As it is for many, music is Lostchild’s outlet. All those feelings and emotional times of his adolescent years have been banked for the day they could be channeled into songs. More of which will be forthcoming on the new EP “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” which releases in the New Year.

This turn about with “Town” Lostchild treats us to a bit of an R’n’B slant on the electronic sound which is more gravitated towards the 90’s than the 80’s. All’s good though, as it compliments those wistfully dreamy, vocals with an appealing lushness that is so full of sparkle and enveloping gorgeousness. You’ll be touched in ways more existentially than the average pop song as Lostchild’s charming personality shines through and it’s genuinely heartwarming and lovely. Bless him.

Town” is available via Bandcamp