Are you familiar with the latest collaboration project between Blake Lewis and KJ Sawka? They’ve named it, The Private Language. And were featured on the blog previously, with a fresh, update of the Tears for Fears 1985 hit “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” and an original song “Cali Girls.” Recently they’ve released a new track called “In Paradise“. They’re really excited about it. I read that they’ve described it as more than just a song, but an experience. With the idea of transporting listeners to our very own utopia, via a unique blend of electronic-dance pop vibes and tropical sounds.

A few months ago, the duo shared that they were curating the final tracks for their full-length album and were close to finishing it. Seemingly, “In Paradise,” is a sneak peek into this forthcoming exciting chapter. Originality is noticeably the key to this project. Therefore when tackling a summer anthem, their outcome stands out differently than those headed to radio or the streaming playlists. The Private Language’s approach to making a summer anthem consists of liberal doses of funk-powered bass and electronica synths that give the track a gorgeous summery feel.

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The infectious rhythm of this song carries me away, beckoning me to leave behind the monotony of daily life. Personally, I do yearn for a simple existence and resonate with the longing for a carefree life. Similarly, as the song lyrics suggest. I find the idea of disappearing to a place where I am unknown irresistible and alluring.

The Private Language are a duo with a talent for combining organic and synthetic sounds, resulting in a symphony of sonics and vocals that beautifully illustrate the rhythms of their souls. Even though, The Private Language is inspired by new meets old influences. I can nevertheless understand why some would describe their music as a fresh step forward in the realm of dance music. Overall, “In Paradise” sounds like a fascinating and innovative approach to the art of summer anthem making.

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