The Private Language knew how to get us hyped about their new project. By way of introduction. Singer Blake Lewis and musician KJ Sawka sent out a dazzling update on the 1985 Tears for Fears hit, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World“. The release more than stoked up some curiosity within us. Especially when promising that we would soon be dripping in more uniquely blended electro-funky grooves from them. They have actioned this plan to the letter with the debut original single “Cali Girls“, released through the Black Hole Recordings imprint.

This song is for you. If you would much prefer to take some respite from thumpa, thumpa summer anthem’s being pumped into your earholes. “Cali Girls” is a lovely breezy yet still summery jam. Perfect for luxuriating in while you recline in a sun lounger with a glass of fruity cocktail served on ice, placed in your hand. As the name suggests, the track exudes the kind of dreamy sun-soaked mood you just wanna kick back and vibe with. Perhaps when caught up in a daydreamy moment on your own, yet would be an equally perfect choice when gathering your mates around for a summer pool party.

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The idea for the song came to Blake during a writing session.

“I kept thinking of this amazing woman I met in Berlin. We walked the streets for hours, had some Mezcal, deep conversations, and a friendship blossomed. While writing, my brain just kept going back to that moment. “Catching flights for your love life, there ain’t nothing in the world like California girls.””

The music video leaps onto the pool party aesthetic with aplomb. We follow two Cali girls as they head out to cool down poolside with a group of friends. Instead of pressing play on a playlist. They are super lucky to have The Private Language invited along in person to tap out some of their funky grooves.

The duo never set out to follow suit with what everyone else is doing. They certainly are shaping things uniquely and as they see fit. Long may The Private Language continue to carve a unique space in the musical landscape. If you want to catch onto a groove for a while, cut out the guesswork make sure it is The Private Language you seek out.

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