Blake Lewis has announced he will release a new album around spring time 2019. As this may be a little long to wait for the singer’s fans who are hungry for new tracks, he is stemming the tide by first releasing what is essentially a remix album. “Our Fragile Heart Remixes and Rarities” features some amazing remixes from Blake’s “Portrait Of A Chameleon” album. He’s also thrown in two completely new tracks “Our Fragile Heart” and “So Alive” possibly either as little teasers of the new material or maybe it is just the case they are too good to be cast aside as surplus.

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My new album OUR FRAGILE HEART is out NOW!!! It consists of two new songs, Our Fragile Heart & So Alive, along with some amazing remixes from my album Portrait Of A Chameleon. Just a little taste of something while I've been brewing up tunes for a brand new full length album. I'm so inspired and creating more than ever and hope to have a new album out sometime around April 2019. I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you've shown me through out the years, especially since becoming an independent artist. It truly means a lot when I see your posts and read your comments & messages. Hearing that you are enjoying my creations keeps my inspiration alive and my heart happy. THANK YOU!!! Love and Happiness – B Logo: @gavingram Pic: @lie_chee

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The track which this new collection takes its name from “Our Fragile Heart” does lean towards the rock side of the pop spectrum. Although it too has a remix which completely puts a different spin on the track, and will more than satisfy the needs of those with specific tastes for electronic-pop.

The other new original song “So Alive” is steeped in electronic grandeur and thus the more prominent of the two tracks which I particularly wanted to single out. It is a real rousing track. An anthem, featuring a strong empowering message about rising up out of adversity with a soulmate as your guide. It evokes a feeling, as in the words of Take That, of being able to rule the world, or at least take on whatever life casts in our path with some considerable vigour.

Unlike most of the music which finds itself into today’s pop charts, “So Alive” is teaming with a fantastic amount of energy and undeniable pop panache. I have no reservations in saying, I am sure it will have the readers of EQ hooked from the outset. Blake sure came up with the goods. What a spectacular way to link in, to a new album.

If you missed it, Blake released “Strings, Spit and Serenades” a live album last year to mark his decade in music, you can have a read for yourselves what I thought about it here.

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