Pop fans, I have some exciting news! Multi-platinum global superstar Sia has released a brand new single entitled “Gimme Love.” The track is her first release since 2021. What’s even more exciting is that it’s a solo piece of work and not another collaboration or EDM offering. But wait, there’s more! “Gimme Love,” is also the first single from Sia’s upcoming album, “Reasonable Woman” – set for release in Spring 2024. This will be her first solo pop album in 8 years. Therefore, I am sure fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival already.

Yes indeed, “Gimme Love,” is a new track, yet some things in Sia’s music world do not change much. She has teamed up with a long-time collaborator to ensure, everything is perfect. Jesse Shatkin, who worked with Sia on her iconic track “Chandelier,” is back again, ensuring that nothing is left to chance on this new release. Sia’s signature style is on full display here. A soaring anthemic melody paired with powerful lyrics that leave you feeling empowered. In this track, Sia opens up about feeling vulnerable and fragile…

“You don’t wanna dance with me. But babe that’s what I need. Please know just this once. Dance babe, dance baby.”

Furthermore, she is asking for support and calling out for love…

“Come now. Do this just for me. I don’t ask for much. Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love, baby”.

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It’s a beautiful song that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling hopeful.

On the immediate release of the track. Sia is promoting “Gimme Love” with a lyric video. The video features dazzling animation and various photos of Sia, who is known for her iconic faceless look. I am hyper-excited to see what she has in store for us with her upcoming music videos. It is always interesting to see how creative she gets in particular. Especially when bearing in mind lately, I have bemoaned on the blog about the lack of creativity in music videos, generally. Although I am pretty much convinced on this account, Sia will not let me down.

More information about “Reasonable Woman” will be available in the coming months.  The forthcoming album is available to pre-order HERE with a special tangerine-coloured vinyl edition limited to 500 pieces only. 

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