We have to realise that when the Bloom Twins lend their vocals to a dance banger that it won’t turn out as predictable or stereotypical as most offerings the genre produces. EQ Music Blog has met the Ukrainian sisters many times because of their stirring dark pop efforts such as “Blue,” “Amnesia” and “Set Us Free.” Although, we haven’t closely followed the progress Benny Benassi has made since he dropped the bomb dance-pop bangers “Satisfaction,” and Kelis vocally steered “Spaceship.” Recently Benassi hit the big time once again achieving a #1 spot in the US Dance Radio Top 10 and 10m streams for his track alongside Jeremih for “LOVELIFE.” Let’s take a look at “DayDream” with Bloom Twins and find out where on the scale of groovy it sits.

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The fashion-forward sisters waste no time shaping this track in a provocative and alluring manner. Which very much fits their brief of being dark, sophisticated and mysterious types. (If truth, be known, they are most probably both Femme Fatales, on the quiet). “DayDream” see’s them lamenting about an ex-boyfriend who dares to assume the girls would be falling apart after he left them. Yet, the girls have some news for him. They are no longer interested in HIM! “Pinch me all you want. Won’t wake up ’cause, boy, you’re the one That is stuck in the day-day-daydream. Day-day-daydream” – “You make me feel nothing. Thought it’d kill me to see you leave, but, truth is, I don’t feel shit. When you still cry what could’ve been.”

Benassi’s sculptured dance beats preside over the dark content with a real sense of purpose. Taking the heat off of the shade-throwing elements found in the lyrics and giving a little lift where necessary. Guess what Bloom Twins lived up to the hype I lauded on them. “DayDream” is anything but typical dance banger fodder. Largely due to the Kuprienko twins Sonia and Anna being brilliantly cool and dramatic above all else.

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