There are emerging girl duo’s and there are up-and-coming sibling girl duo’s, of these the one’s that I can readily think of; Icona Pop / Say Lou Lou, whilst both cohering of differing ethics of pop styles share the similar attributal core of executing majestically mainstream alluring pieces.

A new girl duo interest enters the equation upon the recent surfacing of the Ukrainian sibling act the Bloom Twins who are going off on a decidedly flip-side tack to Icona Pop and Say Lou Lou’s mainstream approach, for the 18 year old Bloom Twins Anna and Sonia Kuprienko fashion elegantly chic dark pop noir.

Not just standing affront as singers, the Bloom Twins have a credible amount of musicianship in place already, since both sisters are accomplished in the skills of keyboard, flute and harmonica. Anna and Sonia now bring all of these aspects together as they debut their first original composition “Blue”.

Cooly collected of vision “Blue” emits an ethereally flowing current of diaphanously refined presentation. Seductively mysterious, cut into spectrally eerie-like veins of Portishead / Radiohead’s eclectively expansive use of electronica and further bolstered by the strength of the girls hauntingly chilling vocals.

With this, the Bloom Twins certainly have made an auspiciously encouraging impression, coming across as a strikingly beguiling one, steeped in a gossamery flow of intrigue, at that.