Photo: Richard Stow

In the lead up to their debut album, Ukrainian sister duo Bloom Twins are back to tantalize us some more with their stylishly, sophisticated pop imaginings.

Since storming back to our notice with the astronomically impacting “Amnesia” back in the summer. The siblings have continued to carry through their duel duties as fashionista models together with putting on performances in Europe. Nowadays, they are much in demand for their striking looks as they are newcomers in music.

Returning to the not so small matter of their debut album which the twice lovely blooms are prepping right now to be with us next year. In the first instance the girls see this year out with a further steely convicted track of prismatic dark pop and cinematic omnipresent vibes.

Inviting us in with haunting melodies and beguiling vocal charms, Sonia and Anna bring out lavishly elegant and entrancing “Set Us Free”, which is the total epitome of the girls being wildly passionate to the cause of everyone’s right to freedom. You hear it in their crystalline lyrics and feel it the emotive performance which the twins bring forth with faultless execution and utmost sincerity. What is more the stylish pair are effectively showcasing pop with an intelligent side, that is all the way enjoyable whilst, imparting a message that doesn’t fall into the zone of becoming too preachy.

To our thinking, “Set Us Free” is measured just right, so well controlled and on point, that it’s wholly the of embodiment of captivating.