Photo: Richard Staw

After recently knocking my audio senses for six with their highly evocative, fashioned pop song “Amnesia” Ukrainian sister duo the Bloom Twins back-up the release with an artily stylized music video, which plays out exactly as I had hoped they would enter into.

It’s everything of what the evocative track dictates, a sense of intrigue explored through a noir filter of black and white monochrome imagery. Where the twins seize the opportunity to take us into what could easily be one of their modelling photo shoots.

To be perfectly honest Anna and Sonia do not have to do much to get the camera to love them, because they’ve got the striking looks and provocative poses down to a an art. For which they are each prepared to get creatively immersive by sitting on stools and have us watch the results of them having had tins of paint tipped over their pretty little heads.

Luckily we do not have to sit around and watch the paint dry, but nonetheless dripping paint becomes far more interesting viewing when the twins themselves act as the canvas.

It’s a case of. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it…….voilà, visual art!