As I understand it. Euphoric pop songs aren’t in line with the national mood just now. Thus, it is the case sad pop songs are gaining popularity. Nevertheless, I hoped to hear about at least one or two electrifying new releases this week. With “I Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do,” however, Bright Light Bright Light blends both electrifying and sad pop elements. Although this really shouldn’t come as a surprise to Rod’s fans (or us, for that matter) since this is a style he explores often and where he excels.

In his beautiful shimmering synth-pop love song, Rod laments about a relationship which doesn’t seem to be getting off the ground. The scenario is perhaps a story of unrequited love. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s evident he is feeling quite down-hearted.

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The song lyrics further indicate that although there is a distinct sadness about what has happened. There is also a sense of hopefulness entwined with these feelings. He is caught in a dilemma…

“I don’t know what happened here, I don’t know what happened, clearly, neither do you. So we both lose. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I don’t know what I’m gonna do about about you. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, gonna do, gonna do.” He sings

What I will say of the music. There is much here to suggest Rod revisits an early style of synth-pop musicality he used and which strikes a similarity to his 2011 hit “Disco Moment.” Since he branched off into the realm of dance-pop bangers for the most recent album, “Fun City“. I appreciate this next change of gear back into soundscapes built on his shimmering synth-pop mastery, even more so.

Unusually for Rod, he hasn’t spoken much about this song, and neither has he mentioned that more new music is on the way. This is likeliest because he didn’t get the opportunity to tour his “Fun City” album yet. I believe he plans to tour in 2023. So keep your eyes peeled for dates and info.

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