Philly born Payson Lewis saw through a life goal when releasing debut record “Take Me Apart” in 2018 (The Klassiks remix of the EP track “Remember”, premiered here on EQ) Although he’s worked as an actor with roles on TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, The People vs. OJ Simpson and Rules of Engagement. Music was his first love and something he has always been eager to properly, break into. The impressive stats amassed for this debut body of work speak for themselves. Payson was right to take the leap and embark on a new venture in music as an independent, indie-pop artist. He is thrilled to come back from his success with new material, part-funded through a Kickstarter campaign. He returns with “Nothing To You,” a spritely melodic and lyrically polished effort.

“We’ve all been there. Used up by love. Broken down by the one that was supposed to build us up. We look back, and it’s obvious, but for some reason, we ignored the signs. Dove headfirst into a world of hurt. “Nothing to You” is about a love like that. A love where the only option was to get out before it was too late. Before there was nothing of myself left. Just a remnant, in the possession of someone else. Another piece in their collection.” Payson Lewis

As a vocalist, Payson truly shines through on this track. His emotiveness has exceeded my expectations, and his level of performance certainly seems to have gone up several notches. It feels as though he has tapped into more depth in his voice. Honing all areas of his talent while paying close attention to the euphonious musicality of the track, overall. Payson’s unique brand of indie-pop is music made for the masses. His voice, teamed with unforgettable harmonies will certainly intrigue and charm you. This is honest and sincere work which definitely puts Payson Lewis in the place he craves to be… under the music spotlight.

Connect with Payson Lewis
Twitter: @paysonlewis