Megan Bülow joins the fast-growing group of young female singers who approach pop with an R&B slant and the kind of, melancholy, soothing vocals which are sultry and in the same lane as Rozes, Phoebe Ryan, Luna Shadows, Ralph and others. I wanted to pick-up on the track “Not a Love Song” because she is virtually unknown, and I particularly like that she doesn’t seem to have a major label involved as yet.

Bülow is just, seventeen years old but, I can see that she’s destined to go places, after listening to her impressive “Damaged Vol. 1” debut. The three track release sounds super current and is made up of subtly catchy electro-R&B-pop. It is smooth, addictive and I think it will build some serious heat and earn rave reviews.

As I found out from the blurb written about Bülow on her record label, Wax Records she was discovered at a summer camp in 2016 and has worked with some of Canada’s hottest young writers and producers, on her debut. I am not surprised to learn there are some pretty decent writers and producers on board at all, as most seventeen-year-olds wouldn’t be so skilful with their songwriting. However, what isn’t up for questioning is Bülow’s seemingly effortless vocal command. Artists such as the previously mentioned Rozes, Phoebe Ryan, Luna Shadows, and Ralph need to look behind, them because by the strength of the “Damaged Vol. 1” debut alone, Bülow’s poised to join them scaling the heights of, hype machine acclaim.

Connect with Bülow
Twitter: @__bulow