Since her debut in 2016 with “Cry Wolf“, L.A. newcomer Luna Shadows has put out a stream of synth glistening indie-pop singles. Unlike most budding pop starlets in her position, she has retained her mystique while building a reputation for producing the dreamiest of melodies that have a classy retro sound. Sonically basking electronic pop is where Luna Shadows appears happiest and on “Tokyo“, she’s serving up another dose of it.

Luna’s voice is ethereally beautiful and has a purity that matches her unpretentious performance style and image. As a comparison, she’s cut from a mould much like her contemporary Dido, has blissfully, airy vocals in a similar manner, and concentrates on producing good music and simple concepts that appeal to everyone. Current single “Tokyo” follows the sonically endearing pattern of “Cry Wolf” and “Cherry“, (two of Luna Shadows early singles, we wrote about.)

Stylistically, the track has a soothing quality which combines the electronic sonic palette and charming vocal with exquisite elegance. In line with the song title, it has an oriental feel through the synths and assumes a sweet but, melancholy identity. I love the chorus because it is light, shimmery and ever so gently, calming it makes me want to take a duvet day off from the daily routine and book myself some, me time to chillax.

Luna Shadows is set to release her “Youth” EP later this month. Expect a delightfully dark but, pretty multi-instrumentalists scenic world of enticing, subtle synth-pop gems.

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Twitter: @lunaxshadows